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Monday, September 20, 2004
Two survey sites. Two transect depths. Two divers. TWO VERY SHACK DIVES....with current. Despite all that, the vis was great! 3.5m!

Am not kidding about the vis. See!

Tekukor is a small island located in between Saint John's island and Sentosa in Singapore's southern islands. It was a former ammunition dump and it is currently under MINDEF's jurisdiction. It has fringing reefs around the island and a very extensive reef flat.

Apparently, it used to be a very nice reef. Today, what remains is still precious, but probably only shadows of what it used to be, with sections of nothing but rubble. HUGE boulder corals of Diploastrea heliopora can be found there. When you encounter one of those, it becomes like a mini wall dive. And the sea fans! All so pretty and colourful. The most colourful ones I've seen in Singapore waters so far.

And nudibranchs! I have never seen so many nudibranchs in one dive in Singapore before. Small tiny ones, barely a centimetre long, to big fat ones. Elsie had a close encounter with a flatworm that was at least 15 cm!

There were anemones too but I did not see any clownfish. Well, not on those along the transect. Crabs scurry into holes and crevices as we swam past but one was curious enough to emerge and play around with the transect tape.

The boatmen even caught a REMORA! Which they promptly released back into the sea after a few snapshots by yours truly. Think about it, what do you associate remoras with. And one of this size too. Makes you wonder hmmm.........

Look at that head! Suckers!

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