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Friday, February 04, 2005
  Murky waters...
After that Freakin' Solid Dive at Raffles Lighthouse, we decided to go back there as soon as we had another chance to. The currents were right on the 4th of Feb! And off we went on the bumboat, a one and a half hour ride to the southern-est island of Singapore. Pulau Satumu, also known as Raffles Lighthouse, has always been a haven for work and fun for us.

One of our best best bestest sites among all our other work/survey sites. After showing all those great photos, Priscila decided to come along to do her work. And Dionne, after finishing our LONG LONNNNGGG and TIIRING final project report, came along too to enjoy some sun, sea and divin' in our own waters while helping out with the work for that day. But LO AND BEHOLD! What was what greated us as we approch our beloved site...

The beginning of the sediment cloud...

Oohh....need I say more?

As we approach Raffles Lighthouse...

The muck just surrounds the whole island

The exact same area where we dived just two weeks ago.

All the photos were NOT in any way photoshopped or altered using computer...

If I did, it'll look like THIS. Bad huh. THE CONTRAST!

WHY!!!! WHYYYYY!!!?!?!??!

We wave goodbye, hoping to see Raffles on a clearer day. Soon.

The visibility was so bad... barely 20 CM! When I put my hand in the water, I couldn't even SEE it. Even the first rung of the ladder in the water wasn't visible. And THIS was from a 4m VIS just barely two weeks ago. Some works must have begun. That's the end of good visbility days. Imagine all those magnificent marine life being suffocated under all that sediment. All those filter feeders... all those fishes... all those crinoids... all those flatworms... all those fishes...

These marine creatures cannot speak for themselves, but YOU CAN.

Want to comment on policies related to development works in Singapore coastal areas? Send feedback to:

Government Consultation Portal Feedback Unit, click on General
Feedback under Feedback Channels
email them at
snail mail: The Feedback Unit, MCDS Building, #14-00 512 Thomson
Road, Singapore 298136

Also, it's been a bumper crop of news articles about marine nature issues in Singapore! The coral reefs of the Southern Islands and Pulau Hantu in particular are highlighted in Straits Times, full article linked below.

Like what you read and want to see more articles on nature in Singapore? Send your comments to the ST Forum-

The Straits Times, 4 Feb 05
Hantu coral life dying out fast
by Radha Basu
Full report:
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