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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Ever since that fateful dive I did with the Hantu Bloggers where I saw my FIRST allied cowry, I have been fascinated with them!

Allied cowry on a seawhip, taken at Raffles Lighthouse, 26th April 2005.

THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!! I have no idea what species this is, but allied cowries in general are rather fascinating. For example, some allied cowries can get their shell pigments (and even vary their shell sculpture) from the substrate in which they live and feed on! So if they're transfered to another whip/soft coral of the same species, they'll eventually take on the colour of their new home! Amazing eh? Here's more pictures... I bumped into TWO that dive at Raffles Lighthouse! =)

Close up...Awww isn't it so adooorraaablllee?? =)

Oooh and here are some OTHER things I bumped into...

Clownfishes! They were sharing their home with a couple of anemone shrimps and this REALLY REALLY SMALL BABY CLOWNFISH!!! It was smaller than my fingernail!

And this baby flatworm!

Hmm... actually I realise what made my work diving that day were all the TINY TINY creatures! And it is SO worthwhile when you actually SPOT one! And there are just LOADS in Singapore waters! You just have to keep you eyes peeled and know where they like to hide! I went back to the EXACT SAME SEAWHIP the next day to show Tse-Lynn the allied cowry again! It was STILL THERE!

Hmmm if only our waters were clearer, doing dive guiding here would be OH SO FUN and OH SO REAL! CLEAN OUR WATERS!
janiii... your photos so nice!!! mine look like crap. but i got a photo of the babybaby anemone fish though quite blur.....
i like your photos! make me envious siah
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